Orfeo Valentzio

Mads' karakter


High concept: Disgraced doctor of medicine and anatomy
Trouble: Decaying Morals
Other Aspects:
Monkey’s paw, Fix and improve, Follow my disturbing hunches, Highly educated quack, __

+4 Scholarship, Dicipline
+3 Investigation, Deceit
+2 Lore, Craftmanship, Ressources
+1 Weapons, Empathy, Survival, Conviction, Alertness


  • Doctor (at være under behandling af dig er grund til at kunne hele Moderate og Severe Consequences)
  • Forgery expert (+2 to distingquish Øreal from fake).
  • Takes one to know one (use deciet instead of empathy to catch someone in a Lie).
  • Honest lies (+2 if incorperate a true piece of information).

Base Refresh: 6
Current Fatepoints: 3


Orfeo Valentzio

Final Voyage of the Blessed Blodwen Madsdestruction