Tia Dalma



High concept: Sea Goddess in Mortal Coils
Trouble: Instigatour
Other Aspects:
Calypso (A Taste of Divine Power)
Harsh as the Sea,
Quid Pro Quo
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+4 Lore Presence
+3 Conviction Discipline
+2 Intimidation Stealth Alertness
+1 Athletics Endurance Deceit Empathy Burglary


  • Evocation (-3)
  • Thaumaturgy (-3)
  • Sight (-1)
  • Wizard’s Constitution (0)

Background: Goddess of the Sea

Aspect: Calypso (A Taste of Divine Power)
Her sense of self is ever-changing, ever-flowing. Her moods and her desires tumble and crash. She waxes and wanes in an eternal dance with the moon. She dives into the dark to hide her knowledge and her many secrets, then rises to the surface, which she calms with an impulsive thought. There is life and power in her. Within her own domain, it is almost unlimited.
There are others like her, many of them. She knows their names as they know hers. They converse. They commune. The humans call upon them for help and judgment, and their final word is law.
That is the way it has always been, for as long as she can remember.

Rising Conflict: Nine Pieces of Eight

Aspect: Harsh as the Sea
She let a mortal man fall in love with her. His name was Davy Jones, and she bestowed on him the task of guiding those lost at sea to their final resting place.
But he wanted her to be only his – a wish that it was not in her nature to grant – and in the end, he betrayed her. It was through his freely given knowledge that the Brethren Court bound her to this mortal body and thus tamed the sea itself. She can forgive neither Davy Jones nor the Pirate Lords – not until the score has been settled.
Her knowledge and her memory are mostly intact, but she is enslaved to a human body. In losing her, she knows the sea has lost its very soul.
But if she can gather the Nine Pieces of Eight, those random small objects that the pirate lords used to bind her, and find a lover to whisper over them the words of sweet release, then she will once again be free …

Guest Starring: Orfeo Valentzio’s First Adventure

Aspect: Quid Pro Quo
Stuck on a non-descript island for a while, Tia fell back on trading her specialised skills with the locals.
One day, three white men enter her lean-to asking for a way off the island. They offer her a small bottle of opium as way of currency.
One of them, a young doctor, especially spikes her interest. A man of science, she can’t help but wonder what would happen if she were to pry his limited mind open to the realm beyond?
She rummages in an old box in her shed and offers him an old, curled up monkey’s paw.
“Five wishes,” she explains, “and you can wish for anything you desire. But—” she withholds the paw as he reaches out to take it: “You will owe me a favour. Hm?”
The doctor agrees to the terms, and as he takes hold of the shrivelled paw, the fingers slowly uncurl with a small and sickening sound. Tia smiles: “Till we meet again, doctor.”
Some days later, Tia watches from the shore as the men leave on a sorry-looking sloop. It is begun.

Guest Starring: Johnny Boy’s First Adventure

Trouble Aspect: Instigatour
Having made it to Tortuga, Tia works the crowd looking for easy targets. Even a trader of the Arts such as herself might be in need of a coin from time to time. She enters the infamous establishment known as the “Dingy Dingy” and soon spots a fat purse hanging from the belt of some inebriated individual. But just as she is about to make her move, a giggly girl falls into the lap of the target. Tia senses immediately that the girl is not what she seems. Too boot, the girl’s slender hand makes it’s way stealthily towards the laden purse.
“I don’t think so,” Tia mutters under her breath. She glides through the crowd and bends down to the ear of the groggy gentleman and whispers: “Keep a weather eye on thieves and magpies.”
He furrows his brow and reaches for his purse, but instead he grabs the harlot’s thieving fingers. Tia slips into the shadows to watch and enjoy as events unfurl.
Just as all hell is about to break loose, a man steps out of the crowd to speak for the girl. As he invents an implausible story claiming the girl as his medical assistant, Tia recognises the young doctor to whom she granted the monkey’s paw. The girl impresses Tia by seamlessly melding her story into the doctor’s tale. As the doctor invokes the word “leprosy”, the floor around them is suddenly evacuated, and Tia watches with a smile on her blackened lips as the doctor and the “girl” hasten to leave.

First Adventure: Boarding the Blodwen

Aspect: Seductress
She grasps the coveted object in her hand. She stops for a moment to admire it. To think that something so small could hold so much power …
The door to the bed-chamber opens; Jean-Claude enters and smiles at her as he raises an eyebrow. He has already unfastened the golden clasp of his his white priestly robes. His lusty eyes travel from her bosom to the object in her hand – then he freezes. Their eyes meet. Tia can’t stop herself from smiling gleefully as the realisation dawns on his face. Then she makes a break for it, out the open window.
As she reaches the harbour, she can hear a number of angry voices in pursuit behind her, but she is not afraid. The gods have a plan for her, she knows: The Casting of the Claws has told her that a ship is about to leave the port, and that she is destined to be on board.
She stops to catch her breath and adjust her clothes, then steps out of the shadows to greet the two men about to let go the ship’s moorings.
The French guy (he looks familiar) is quickly convinced by Tia’s seductive request, and she jumps on board. Just as they push off from the shore, the priest appears followed by a throng of angry men. The priest leads the mob out on a wooden pier in an attempt to reach them, but the other of the two sailors reaches out and destroys the entire wooden structure in one fell swoop, somehow.
Tia waves a tantalising hand at the preacher as he and his men float around in the brine. But as she turns, she realises that destiny has dealt her a bad hand: She is aboard the same wretched wreck that she watched the doctor and his companions board not many moons ago.
She lifts her glaring gaze to the sky.

The Story:

Aspect: BLANK

Tia Dalma

Final Voyage of the Blessed Blodwen Memmer